Frequently Asked Questions

It is true that Montessori students have the freedom to select the materials that are appropriate for their Sensitive Period; therefore, they are deeply interested in their work.  The classroom is a prepared environment in which much thought is given to the needs, expectations and routines of the children.  The teachers model quiet behavior to the extent of not calling across the room and they respect the children’s concentration enough to not disturb them by making unnecessary comments.

Yes.  Peace is not the absence of conflict.  It is recognizing and having the desire and determination to develop the skills to live peacefully – and we do.

The atmosphere at our school is one of respect, joy, peace, and order. The teachers who were hired embrace these qualities, are knowledgeable, and have Montessori experience: most of all, they want to be here.

Older children who have already mastered the skill are able to take on the role of leader by assisting those who are younger.  Younger children absorb the older children’s knowledge, sometimes by simply observing them at work.

I hold a current Tennessee Teacher’s License, and we are regulated and approved by the Tennessee Department of Education for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. Some parents are so pleased with their child’s progress that they want to continue in the program.  Also, when a parent is not sure of the child’s academic or social readiness for “big school” kindergarten, the child could stay at MWS participating in kindergarten work during the year, and the decision of the child’s grade placement could be made after having the advantage of a year of appropriate work.

I had a phenomenal career teaching young children, mostly kindergarten age.  In the last three years, I observed in numerous Montessori schools in Tennessee and Florida.  In each one, I was deeply touched by what I saw young children accomplishing, and I wanted to continue to be involved in making a difference in children’s as well as parent’s lives. There is so much more to do and I want to be a part of it.